Dirty Electronics White Label Workshop  (8th June 2013)

Dirty Electronics White Label Workshop (8th June 2013)

Take part in a hands-on building session and rehearsal of pieces for the White Label Synth, based in the Sonar 20th Aniversary Synth

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40,00 € VAT incl.

Date: Saturday, 8th June 2013
Place: Paranoid _the shop, València.
Time: 5:00-8:00 pm
Admission fee: 40€

(*) After the workshop, there will be a performance in the shop. Free admission.

The Dirty Electronics White Label Synth is an ultra minimal pocket-sized synth, white finished with silver-plated etched graphic. The original design for the Synth is based on the Dirty Electronics Sonar 20th Anniversary Synth 2013 that combines a programmable digital PIC chip with an analogue noise circuit.


The instrument comes with pre-written sequenced patterns that can be either listened to in their own right or ‘played’ (mashed-up, parts of the sequence looped, tempo changed, noise and feedback added, etc.). The White Label Synth has an exclusive set of sequenced patterns and is played by running fingers across the graphical circuit board. It is designed for headphone listening or line out. Bit bashing meets analogue noise and crumpled grooves.


The workshop concludes with a performance by Dirty Electronics 

Note: You can only be sure of a place in the workshop after ordering in this site or contacting noiseandroid@noiseandroid.com. Participants where possible should bring a battery powered amp/speaker


John Richards
John Richards’ (1966) work explores performing with self-made instruments and the creation of interactive environments. He has worked with many leading improvisers and musicians in the field of live electronics, and is a founder member of electro-noise improvisers kREEPA, the post-punk group Sand (Soul Jazz Records), and the composers’ collective nerve8: an experimental electroacoustic diffusion group. Recent concerts have included performances at IRCAM (Paris), Fylkingen (Sweden), the Bent Festival (Los Angeles), PinPanPun (Valencia), Sonar (Barcelona), and the Purcell Room, Southbank Centre (London).


(Anti Social Musik Order) is the ‘circuit bending’ project of artist and musician Stu Smith. He works with self made instruments custom built from the modified circuits of electronic toys, keyboards and other discarded gadgets. His work explores the sonic landscape of ‘circuit bent’ instruments and their integration into existing modular synthesizer systems. He writes and performs with the groups Threep and The Buoys and has performed at concerts and festivals across the UK, Europe and New York.