EMS USB Game Boy Smart Card – 64M

Enjoy LSDJ or another ROM you have, with the newest EMS Game Boy USM Smart Card 64K, and get one free LSDJ sticker

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41,90 € VAT incl.

The successor of the blue GB Smart Card 32M comes now with higher memory capacity and USB connection. An additional transfer device is no longer needd. Simply connect the GB USB Smart Card 64M to your PC and enjoy the maximum of freedom in the choice of the installed programs.



- Built in 64Mbit capacity (2 pages, 32Mbit per page)
- Supports
Game Boy / Game Boy Pocket / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Light / Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Advance SP
- Supports .gb / .gbc ROMs (including LSDJ)
- Multiple game ROMs burning is allowed
- Connect to PC via USB cable (no need of an additional transfer device)

- fast data transfer rate of 100 kbit/s (transfers e.g. LSDJ in just 78 seconds to the cartridge)
- Supports Windows XP (32bit) / Vista (32bit) / Windows 7 (32bit / 64bit) / VM running Windows on a Mac (e.g. Parallels Desktop)
- Easy replaceable battery (for SRAM), no soldering is needed


** game *.sav files are stored in SRAM, the *.sav files of only one game can be stored at the same time
** Also compatible with GB Transferer I & II (for those who can´t break away from their transferer)