AtomoSynth KOE Desktop

AtomoSynth KOE Desktop

Who said a modular synth was heavy and difficult to transport? The Koe desktop is based on the Koe synth voice module and the Koneko midi to CV module racked in a compact case with power source, you could bring in a shoebox.

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199,00 € VAT incl.

320,00 € VAT incl.

Handmade built and calibrated in Perú by AtomoSynth, Koe Desktop is an affordable mini modular system, perfect if you are new to the modular world or if you want to add an extra voice to your system. Include two great modules:

Koe module: complete synth voice in just one module, 2 waveform VCO, noise source, LFO, hi pass and low pass filter, 2 envelope generators.
Koneko module: 12 bit resolution midi to CV module with 2 cv outputs and gate, easily programable midi channel and CC.

Built in 220-240V power source, include 3 patch cords (30 cm) and 1 audio out cord(1m)