Nebulophone v2

Nebulophone v2

The Nebulophone is an awesome Arduino based minisynth with a stylus keyboard.

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Like the Stylophone, use a stylus to make it sound, but the resemblance with the legendary instrument by Dubreq ends here. Built and designed by BleepLabs in Austin, the Neboluphone has lots of knobs and buttons to alter the waveform decay, arpeggio, portamento or low pass filter. It has a programmable sequencer for creating new arpeggios, and may synchronize with other devices via infrared control.

It is programmed in Arduino open-source licensed, so If you on an Arduino board, you can download the code and make your own hacks. If you love the solder and want to save some bucks, It's also available as kit version.
It hasn't internal speaker, so you must connect using the output jack. It is powered by a 9V battery (not included), and it sounds like this: