Dirty Electronics Mute Synth

Dirty Electronics Mute Synth

The Mute Synth by Dirty Electronics is an inexpensive hand-held touch and tilt instrument with copper etched artwork and contoured printed circuit board that was designed in collaboration with the legendary record label MUTE.

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69,00 € VAT incl.

Designed in collaboration with Mute and graphic designer Adrian Shaughnessy, the instrument brings together many Dirty Electronics aesthetics and instrument designs into one device in particular creating an instrument ‘of the hand’ (in terms of both playing and building), a noise-based device that utilises feedback, and exploring the relationship between artwork and circuit board.


Copper etched PCB artwork
Touch and tilt control
Two oscillators
Feedback network
Contoured shape
Battery powered - coin cell included (CR2032)
Requires amplification
Jack output

Dirty Electronics Mute Synth promo made only with sounds from the Mute Synth with edits and processing: